Fudge for any occasion

Cranberry Pistachio - this isn't your mommas fudge! This is the kind of fudge for when retail therapy just won't cut it. This is rich, insanely delicious hand made fudge. Forget that store bought stuff. Get some real fudge. Dorene Callen makes nearly 40 varieties of fudge, and is always working on a new recipe. Dorene also makes custom fudge to order. You can ask her to create one of her culinary masterpieces for any special occasion, or just for yourself. You deserve a treat, don't you?

So, get an education in gourmet fudge, through Fudge101.com!

Perfect for gifts and treats

Dorenes signature Persian Fudge Most every one likes something sweet to eat. Dorene's fudge isn't just sweet - it's full of flavor. Try one of her classics like peanut butter fudge, and taste real peanut butter. If you are feeling adventurous, taste one of her signature fudges, like Persian. Once you taste this fudge, full of cashews and coconuts (as well as a SECRET ingredient that makes it extra scumptious!) you'll have a hard time giving it up.